Logo and Brand Development

Your brand isn’t just a logo on a business card. It’s your essence and your promise to your customers. Let’s start with your logo and build out a full brand identity that can grow with your business.

Graphic Design

It takes very impactful visuals to stand out in the crowd. Building off of your brand identity, creative designs can be driven across printed collateral, social media channels, and your website.

Marketing and Advertising

Be sure that your products and services are being heard, better yet, sought after. Identify your target audience, what challenges they face, and how you can solve it through various marketing channels.

Art commission

The most unique gift you can give someone is a one-of-a-kind painting. I specialize in watercolor and ink paintings and would thrilled to create a custom piece for a friend, family member, or colleague.


“It was amazing to work together with Ashley Treas, who is an outstanding marketing and graphic design leader. She consistently demonstrates a solid work ethic and creativity which never seizes to amaze me. Her interpersonal skills make for great relations with both company clients and potential customers. She is ready to deal with difficult situations and solve the problems on time. She always takes care of the job!”

– Owner, Wrist Watch Expert

“Ashley is exceptional. I worked with her for years from the R&D / product development side and was constantly impressed with her ability to quickly grasp anything I threw at her. Turn around time was same day, if not same hour and always top notch.”

– Senior Staff Engineer, R&D Life Science Industry

“Ashley worked in our graphics dept. for several years. Ashley always did a great job on whatever she was asked to do. I think very highly of Ashley and her abilities. She is truly a self motivator.”

– CEO/Founder, Strong Industries, Inc.

“Ashley’s design and management skills are second to none. While in a profession and industry that does not have a tolerance for mistakes, her attention to detail is extraordinary. Always extremely organized. Provides all the information needed to complete marketing material we produce. This coupled with spot on design skills, gives her work the edge needed for any industry.”

– Senior Staff Engineer, R&D Life Science Industry

“I had the pleasure of being a media partner of Ashley’s for the past 9 years. Ashley has a creative mindset and has developed and executed several projects to help her various teams within her organization reach their business outcomes. We’ve worked on content creation, custom newsletters, account based marketing and lead follow up initiatives and were able to show measurable results. She is very detailed oriented and would be an asset to your business.”

– Director of Strategic Partnerships, Life Science Connect

“Ashley has been instrumental in the creation of my website and facebook as well as their constant updates and maintenance. Ashley also plays a key role in fundraising activities for 17857, which is a non-profit organization affiliated with our local town (Northumberland, PA) government. ”

– Owner, Barbara L. Kistner Designs

“Ashley assisted me with the final graphic and text revisions of my book A Treasure to Keep: An Aggie Book for All Ages. Her expertise and work ethic helped produce a quality product I can be proud of. She also designed an appropriate logo for my company. I highly recommend her work.”

– Owner, Branches Publishing Company

“I have worked with Ashley on many projects in the last couple of years. She is creative, well organized and communicates her needs very effectively. I found her to be very professional, knowledgeable and I would certainly recommend her.”

– Account Representative, Graphtech Printing

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